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iPlumber Service Plan – iCare Packages

Welcome to iPlumbers’ service plan page – We have decided that we have been up to our knees in it too many times – with flooded houses and backed up drains flowing out the door –  so we decided to do something about it… A neglected and forgotten plumbing system can cause extensive damage to …

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2020 New Zealand Master Plumber of the Year

20 May 2020 This year’s New Zealand Master Plumber of the Year was awarded to iPlumber in Hamilton. The award recognises a Master Plumbers member that demonstrates exceptional business acumen and drive for success. Congratulations to company director Jamin Saes and the team at iPlumber! Winners of the 2020 New Zealand Plumbing Awards were announced …

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Custom Container Offices and Ablutions

Recently iPlumber had the opportunity to work on an unusual and interesting custom plumbing project. Our client needed two fully self contained site offices, with kitchenette, toilet, and hand basin. The offices and ablutions needed to be portable and self contained as it was to be dropped on a remote site location, and able to …

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Renovating your kitchen? Make sure you plan first

Kitchen renovations are as hard or as easy as you make them, but having a plan means any renovations, no matter how big or small, will definitely be on the easier side.

Knowing where your plumbing, electric and/or gas is going is a big step towards a seamless kitchen renovation.

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Why wood fires are a great way to heat your home

From complying with the law to keeping your family safe, here’s why it’s important to get your DIY carried out by a qualified tradie.

A wood fire is still a great way to heat the home and everyone who has one will say that there is nothing quite like it. Read on to find out why you need a wood-burning fireplace and how you can get one.

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Five reasons to make sure your tradie is licensed

From complying with the law to keeping your family safe, here’s why it’s important to get your DIY carried out by a qualified tradie.

One of the most common questions we get asked as certified plumbers and gasfitters is, do I need to use a licensed tradesman?

Short answer – yes. Why? Here are the top five reasons:

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Four signs your hot water system needs attention

Did you know the plumbing system in your home is constantly speaking to you?

Much like your car flashing its oil light, or the washing machine beeping mid-cycle, your plumbing has its own signals that need attention in order for it to survive.

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How to Choose a Plumber You Can Trust

Anyone can choose a plumber, but can you choose the right plumber that will do a great job, in a timely manner, at a reasonable price?

We’ve put together a handy guide to make sure your plumber meets all the criteria before they step foot on your property.

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Mains Pressure Hot Water Cylinders

The Temperature Pressure Relief Valve and Cold Water Expansion valve are especially important for mains pressure cylinders, as it protects the hot water cylinder from excess pressures and temperatures by discharging water.

It is best to purge these valves every 6 – 12 months.  If the water does not flow freely when the valve is opened it may be faulty or mean there is a problem with the system.

We can add this service to your household plumbing checklist, and price any repairs needed on the spot.

It is also a great idea to completely drain and flush out your hot water cylinder at least every 2 years to remove build up of heavy metals within the base.

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Navman monitors the exact location of the entire fleet in real time.

Fleet visibility assists with getting the closest technician to the job in the shortest amount of time, as well as providing accurate reportable activity and job costing, saving you money.

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