Hamilton Gas Cookers & Hobs

Upgrading your gas cooker or hob?

Let iPlumber take care of the installation for you. With our team of experienced gasfitters we’ll have you back in the kitchen in no time.

Give us a call with any questions or quote requests, and we will be happy to help.

We will make sure your new oven or hob is installed to meet regulations. looking sharp, and running at just the right pressures.

Going gas/electric?… No problem, an electrician can be organised at a moments notice.

We can also repair and/or service existing gas ovens and hobs, so enquire today for a fully certified and insured gasfitting job.

Please contact us today for a quote!

Gas Cookers and Hob Repairs

How annoying is it when you’re rushing around the kitchen, preparing a meal, and the gas element won’t light.

So you grab a lighter or a match, and proceed to burn all the hairs on your forearm (or your skin!) when the element finally does decide to BURST into life.

At iPlumber we have years of experience repairing and optimising existing gas Hobs and Cookers to perform at their best.
Gas is still a very popular method of cooking as the units are cost effective compared to modern Induction cooktops, and modern units are very safe and getting easier to keep clean.

Call iPlumber today so we can discuss the best options for your existing Gas Appliance. We’ll get you ‘Cooking with Gas’ in no time.
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iPlumber are the proud recipients of New Zealand Master Plumber of the Year Award for 2020 and we were also Waikato Master Plumber of the Year for 2019
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Gas hobs & oven installed by iPlumber

Tidy gas cooker for a local police officer

Gas hobs & oven installed by iPlumber

Gas cooker for Ikon comercial installed by iPlumber

Large gas cooker & deep fryer installed by iPlumber for Biddy Mulligans

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