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We have decided that we have been up to our knees in it too many times – with flooded houses and backed up drains flowing out the door –  so we decided to do something about it…

A neglected and forgotten plumbing system can cause extensive damage to a property, costing homeowners time and money they don’t necessarily want, or have, to spend on repairs, especially ones that could have been easily avoided. Insurance won’t cover our time, only the resulting damage.

That’s why we have built a system that predicts what it would cost you PER MONTH (one off annual/bi annual payments accepted) to maintain your property the right way, if taps/pipes are left leaking for too long they will cost more to repair, or if a gas appliance pressure has crept too high it can wreak the whole thing.

Hot water cylinders are often neglected and if we catch them in time we can prolong their life significantly, also gas hot water units benefit greatly from a proper service and there is a high possibility your running costs will be reduced.

There are things that need to be done in and around your plumbing system that just don’t get done when you call a plumber out, so our plan is to schedule these visits in annually, and make it affordable.

So what do you get?

Our service plan includes a minimum 19 point check around your property, including:

-Your hot water system flushed out or serviced (depending on type)

-Water temperature checked

-HWC/Isolation/Toby valves checked

-Sacrificial anode checked / replaced if due (this prevents your cylinder from corroding!)

-Strainers cleared

-All tapware and fixtures leak checked and tested

-Gas appliances serviced

-A look under the house or in the ceiling

-An initial report on any issues and condition of system/tapware/fixtures/appliances

With our new maintenance plan builder we will set you up in our software as a recurring job every 12/24 months (or a more custom schedule depending on building use), specifically allocated to carry out routine maintenance, checks, and recommendations. Any additional jobs can be worked into your monthly plan, and allows them to be budgeted for in advance. You will also receive preferential treatment, with up to $40 off Service Calls in the case that something needs urgent attention (during business hours), and any work done outside of the normal annual visit will be at 10% discounted rates over the whole invoice.

Don’t be one of the statistics that waits until something goes wrong to get a plumber in, only to find that if something small and relatively inexpensive was done earlier, you could have saved yourself thousands of dollars, and hours of stressful dealings with insurance companies and tradesman.

You may be thinking – I don’t need this, as I have insurance? – well, repair costs for plumbing issues rarely get paid (only the resulting damage), so think of this plan as your own plumbing insurance (for a similar price!), and it actually works, because we do the work that needs to be done, and you get to sleep easy at night!

So if you have heard enough, why not give it a shot – Answer a few simple questions (link below), and if you like what you see,  one of our friendly team members will be in touch as soon as possible to organise a pre plan assessment.

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If you would like to talk about this some more please call on 07 839 7586, option 2, and we will be happy to field any questions or concerns.

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