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Jamin Saes started plumbing and gasfitting in 1998 and formed iPlumber Limited in August 2009.

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The 2020 New Zealand Master Plumber of the Year was awarded to iPlumber.

The award recognises a Master Plumbers member that demonstrates exceptional business acumen and drive for success.

iPlumber were also the Waikato Master Plumber of the Year for 2019.

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Our team receiving 2020 NZ Master Plumber of the Year Award

Jamin Saes

Jamin Saes
Plumber, Gas Fitter & Director

Jamin Saes - Plumber, Gas Fitter & Director

Hi, I’m Jamin Saes, the Director and founder of iPlumber Limited.  We started out in the tough climate of 2009, and have now grown from a one man band to a team of 4 running out of a small workshop in central Hamilton.

My plumbing career started in Matamata as a plumbing apprentice with Comag, a large local company who were involved Plumbing, Roofing, Gasfitting and Drainlaying. Here I picked up a broad range of skills and experience in the commercial and agricultural fields, with some domestic and new housing work also, but the small town life wasn’t to last, much to my employers disappointment.

I moved back to Hamilton closer to friends and family, and also started getting back into the motocross scene – a great form of stress relief from those hard days on the job!

I continued my career with DR Plumber for around 5 years, and got into domestic renovations and maintenance, enjoying the shorter days and started getting into a bit of wake-boarding with the boss too! This type of work taught me invaluable problem solving skills, as solely working on new installations never gives you the opportunity to see how your workmanship, products, or methods, will stand up to the test of time.


I travelled and spent almost a year in Canada in 2003/4.  While snowboarding and travelling with close friends was enjoyable, I also gained experience in plumbing as a part timer with a local business called ‘Kiwi Plumbing’ in Calgary.

I also travelled to Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, America and Australia in recent years, and am a huge fan of Thai and Vietnamese cuisine, which may have led to my now family of 4 with partner Arnie, who was working in a Thai restaurant at the time of our meeting in 2010.  Our 2 children Isabella, and Benjamin are awesome, of course 🙂

I still enjoy getting out for a ride when I can and have some minor successes in local motocross and enduro events over the years, but family and business take priority these days.  I am also very interested in health and nutrition, and am excited for what the future will bring, and hope to serve the greater community for many years to come.

Guarantee / Warrantee

We guarantee our labour for 15 years, if you are not entirely happy with the way a product has been installed we will come back free of charge and put it right.

There is a manufacturers guarantee on everything that we supply and install. If we have supplied the product we will follow through the steps to rectify any issues you have with the product or products.

Correct maintenance of your fixtures and fittings must be adhered to. Follow the instructions set out in your owners manuals to prevent any issues that could be prevented.

Master Plumbers, Gasfitters & Drainlayers

All work comes with a Master Plumbers Guarantee!

iPlumber are HazardCo Members: Simple, effective health & safety plans

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Navman monitors the exact location of the entire fleet in real time.

Fleet visibility assists with getting the closest technician to the job in the shortest amount of time, as well as providing accurate reportable activity and job costing, saving you money.

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