iPlumber Repairs and Maintenance Services

Our local Hamilton plumbing, roofing and gasfitting repairs and maintenance services include the following:
If its not listed here – we probably still do it. Please contact us today for a quote.

For urgent repairs call 07 839 7586 to have one of our team come out to you as soon as possible.


At iPlumber we take a proactive approach to your homes plumbing systems.

From the first time you use us we will do a thorough maintenance check throughout your property (free of charge!), putting to bed any ticking time bombs and entering you into our maintenance schedule for timely reminders for service works.

With over 20 years experience we have seen the resulting costs of neglecting to properly maintain your household plumbing and gas systems all to often.

We firmly believe that a little bit of care every year or two far outweighs the massive expense (and chaos), that follows a major plumbing event, which may we remind you, the plumbing side of which, is generally not covered by insurance!

So if its been a while since your house had a check up, or you have a few maintenance jobs piling up, get in touch with our friendly team today, and if need be, we will see you today!



  • Water leaks and broken pipes
  • Household tapware and waste pipe repairs
  • Roof leaks and PVC spouting repairs
  • High power bill problems
  • Drainage issues and solutions
  • Storm water and sewer
  • Gas heater and gas appliance servicing and repairs

Hot Water Leaks

Hot water leaks can be very costly, and generally very easily repaired.

We would like to advise that a lot of people are caught out by hot water leaking through their hot water cylinders’ pressure reducing valve (Ajax valve). It generally overflows out of a small diameter pipe, usually on the roof. This is only applicable to those on low pressure hot water systems but is something that should definitely be kept an eye on, and regularly checked. Water also leaks from the relief valves on mains pressure hot water systems, which can cost power.


iPlumber are the proud recipients of New Zealand Master Plumber of the Year Award for 2020 and we were also Waikato Master Plumber of the Year for 2019
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