Four signs your hot water system needs attention

Did you know the plumbing system in your home is constantly speaking to you?

Much like your car flashing its oil light, or the washing machine beeping mid-cycle, your plumbing has its own signals that need attention in order for it to survive.

The hot water system is like the epicentre of your plumbing, with its constant heating and cooling, pressure release, and high morning and evening activity. Most hot water systems are designed to last a long time (10-12 years minimum) but if neglected, it’s going to sting you when it finally goes ($2000-$4000, not including water damage to your home).

The most common water heating appliance in New Zealand is the traditional hot water cylinder. While they’re generally energy efficient, with a low upfront cost, there are a lot of components that need to be working harmoniously for your optimum hot water delivery.

Wondering whether your hot water system is trying to talk to you?

If you haven’t had your system serviced in the last 12 months, skip to the end and call us now. Otherwise, here are four signs to tell if your plumbing needs attention:

1. Do you see water running out a pipe on your roof, or outside wall, but don’t know where its coming from, or if it should be running or not?

Is your hot water running out quickly, or is constantly fluctuating in temperature?. No, burning hot to freezing cold and back again over and over is not normal. Not only will maintaining your water temperature ease your morning routine, it will also save you money.

2. Your hot water system is overly loud.

That popping, sizzling, whistling, clunking, or hissing is not normal. Take this as your hot water cylinder trying to tell you something is wrong.

3. There is rust around your fittings.

Corrosion around your hot water system fittings may be signalling a leak. They could just need tightening, or they could need replacing.

Also, over time, your hot water cylinder will accumulate sediment of all different types of minerals and metals which sit in the base causing corrosion and heating issues. If left in place this will ultimately shorten the life of your HWC.

4. There’s discoloured water coming from your taps.

This is never a good thing. If your water is brown or clouded or there is sediment coming through, your hot water system needs attention.

The rest of the system, being constantly under pressure, needs to be inspected often to rectify small issues before they escalate. If you take preventative measures to ensure your plumbing system stays sound, you’ll prevent a major catastrophe from happening in your home.

If your home’s hot water system is trying to tell you something, but you’re not sure what, one of our experienced team can perform a quick and easy check to make sure your home stays dry and operational.

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