Drain Camera Inspections

Do you wonder what happens when you flush the toilet?

Looking at a house or premises but sceptical on what’s happening below the surface?

Well wonder no more!
At iPlumber we have purchased a top quality Drain Camera and Sonde, which means we can not only see what’s going on in your drains, but can tell you exactly where any issues might be from above ground.

It’s a great idea to get your drains inspected every 5-10 years (of course we would say that), as blockages never come at the right time. They are messy, smelly, and expensive to fix, but with a one off, or a regular check up they can be avoided all together, so get in touch via whatever method you like, and let one of the iPlumber team check out your pipes!

We also offer pre-purchase drain inspection services for peace of mind when buying a new property…

Drain Camera and Sonde Drain Clearing Snake Tool

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Navman monitors the exact location of the entire fleet in real time.

Fleet visibility assists with getting the closest technician to the job in the shortest amount of time, as well as providing accurate reportable activity and job costing, saving you money.

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